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Dyson Vacuum Cleaners: The Way a Man Vacuums Tile Floors

best vacuum for tile floors

Ladies, if you want your man to help around the house more, try getting a Dyson vacuum and put him to work vacuuming. Yes, I am a man and I admit to enjoy vacuuming. I wouldn’t do it without a Dyson vacuum.

Dyson DC14 Complete – The perfect Vacuum for tile floors

The best way to describe my Dyson DC14 Complete is that it’s like having a space age looking upright vacuum cleaner with shop-vac like power. Yes, I own a shop-vac and use it for almost everything. However, it is nice that I don’t need to use it in the house. The Dyson vacuum cleaner’s sleek design is great. The extra attachments work wonders in the places they need to go. It picks up everything with ease, and since I have a cat that means it gets a workout.

With the Dyson DC14 Complete came the normal brush, flat head or stair tool, and crevice attachments, as well as the soft dusting brush, mini turbine head, low reach floor tool, tile floors and mattress tool. I would presume that is one of the reasons it’s called the Complete – it came with nearly all attachments. With all of the gadgets, I feel like it should have it’s own toolbox. Yes, if you are like me and you are a gadget man then you deserve the DC14 Complete.

But does it really do what it says it does? Yes! I’ve had my Dyson vacuum for two years and I do not have a complaint, neither does my wife because she doesn’t have to vacuum the tile floors. It comes with a lifetime HEPA filter and it does seem to filter the air. The last vacuum cleaner we had lost suction and seemed to pass dust back into the air as well as kick particles around with its spinning bristles (noted by feeling particles, like cat litter, pelting my shins). Using the Dyson I see its power and don’t feel flying debris.

If you have animals I would recommend the Dyson DC14 Complete. They also have the Dyson DC14 Animal that comes with many of the similar attachments. I’ve used the mini turbine head every time I vacuum to clean furniture where the cat has been lying. The cat hair is gone in a flash.

The canister will get full and will need to be emptied. Perhaps the only part of the vacuuming that is the least fun. I just remove the canister from the Dyson and take it out into the garage to dump into a garbage bag. Dumping the dust is just as easy as a push of a button, reattach the canister and you are back in business. Every so often you will want to wipe out the vacuum’s canister with a damp cloth, but that’s not too difficult.

According to this article from, the Dyson has a number of upright vacuum cleaners that are within anyone’s budget. They have different types that come with different accessories in all of their upright vacuum product ranges – DC07, DC14, DC15, DC17, and DC18. It spoke volumes that while the Sears salesman was giving me a demonstration of a Dyson vacuum a couple walked up and said they have one and absolutely love it. You can’t buy better advertising than strangers willing to share positive feedback.

Many Dyson vacuums have auto-carpet height adjustment, no bags to change or filters to buy. However, if the man in your house is like most men, it’s about power. Just like any power tool, car, or yard equipment – does it have power? Absolutely! According to Wikipedia, “the momentum of particles is so high that even cigarette smoke particles separate from the air.” That’s why I have one and perhaps that’s why you should buy your man a Dyson and convince him to start vacuuming. Tell him it’s like mowing the lawn, except indoors. This is really the best vacuum for tile floors, period.

What’s in a Latte: Making Unique Coffee Choices

I ordered a latte today at a small coffee bar. To my surprise, I was asked what flavor did I want? When I replied in somewhat of a puzzled manner, the young person helping me was equally caught off guard; everyone orders a latte with a flavor. The worker again asked if I was sure I didn’t want a flavor, to which my request to the contrary was restated.
A soy latte is about the only coffee drink this writer ever orders away from home, usually because so many coffee shops either don’t make decent brewed coffee, or the espresso is of the West Cost Roast variety which is not a favorite.

When the ordered latte was sampled, it seemed a little obvious to me why “everyone” asked for a flavor, because it certainly seemed like espresso of the WCR variety, which was confirmed when I asked where they got their espresso from. The reply indicated from the same supplier as Starbuck’s. Since Starbuck’s is their own supplier I figured that might mean Sysco, since they supply many grocers with Starbuck’s coffees.

While we have Starbuck’s to thank for awakening this country to Specialty Coffees, and the increase of independent coffee shops across the country, it seems that maybe the monster has gotten to big and we are paying the price.

Saying that simply means that at one time there were enough suppliers to satisfy the demand of such a big roaster. Even more, the personnel who manned their stores were well trained in the art of being a true barista, fully skilled in making the various espresso based drinks from start to finish. Flash forward and today instead of the hand pulled shot the espresso machines have been replaced by “idiot proof” , fully automatics that grind, dose, make the shot, leaving the steaming of the milk to the employee along with any foam, flavorings or froth.

Having the best home espresso machines that has a boiler and simply extricates the espresso with crema, still requires me to grind, dose, tamp and froth. Pretty basic stuff for making an espresso that tastes good. But tasting good is only part of what makes a good espresso, and the preparation alone cannot make up for an espresso blend that has too much robusta or has been roasted too dark, or both.

So what generally happens, and not just at Starbucks, but anywhere the coffee customer has never been educated, is the addition of all the other add-ins to hide what would otherwise leave an unpleasant taste on the back of the tongue.

There has been so much ado about espresso based drinks, that many people really don’t appreciate what really good, freshly roasted, correctly ground just before brewing, a 23 second pull at the right temperature, and consumed within the next 10 minutes or less espresso shot is like. Once an appreciation for the taste of espresso by itself is realized, the additional drinks take on a different taste as well.

And just in case, there are as many blends of espresso as there are blends of 100% Arabica coffee. Well, that may be over the top, but you can rest assured there are a boat load of espresso blends. Blends of Arabica would include coffees like Breakfast Blend, Jamaica Blue Mountain Blend, Kona Blend, an the list goes on. Just to add a little more confusion green coffee beans in reality are blended from the source of origin, meaning of the 580,000 growers in Colombia, there may be 4,000 members of one cooperative who have had there crops mixed together. The good news is the quality control in countries like Colombia is among the strictest in the world, which is what keeps them at the top of the Specialty Coffee producers.

So blends are when beans from two different sources of origin, or when Arabica and Robusta beans are mixed. Only within the last 6 months have huge commercial the likes of Folgers and Maxwell House stopped blending the bitter and sour tasting Robusta beans into some of their newer offerings. This is a fantastic change for coffee lovers in the U.S.

In short, Robusta is why so many of us have always added cream and/or sugar to regular brewed coffee, or made it so weak that it doesn’t even resemble coffee. Brewed coffee made from 100 % Arabica beans that are single origin, freshly roasted and ground just before brewing, will amaze those who have never tasted it before.

And you can be sure of this. There is not a Starbuck’s, Dunkin Donuts, Krispy Kreme, or McDonald’s that can boast of a 100%, single origin, Arabica, freshly roasted within the last 48 hours! So if you’re judging what is good coffee by those standards, you’re in for a surprise. Just go to any reputable, independent coffee shop, or any roaster where you can get freshly roasted beans. A great start is a good Colombian Supremo, and right now very affordable.

You’ll pay upwards of $10 at any grocer for 12 ozs. of bagged, pre-ground or whole bean coffee. Even the bulk coffee which sells on the average for around $8 per lb. is not fresh. Most roasters will offer freshly roasted, class A or 18 screen Colombian for around the same price or a little less. This writer can purchase it for under $5 and it’s great.

So, in summary, you can be a follower and do what everyone else does when it comes to espresso-based drinks or brewed coffee, and you’ll get the same results. Or not! Your taste. Your tongue. Your choice.

The Features Integrated in The Best Outdoor Basketball Shoes

outdoor basketball shoes

In most of the cases, buyer’s guide for outdoor basketball shoes are incomplete. There’s a lot of talk on the internet that china copies imitate the best features included in the indoor basketball shoes. According to the basketball experts, the sport of basketball usually demands for sudden deceleration and acceleration and also quick changes of directions and cuts. So, the usual basketball shoes available out there come with sturdy and comfortable midsole support, wider soles and immense ankle protection. However, there is one major difference between indoor and outdoor basketball shoes. The basketball shoes designed specifically for outdoor surface are more durable and heavier compared to the indoor basketball shoes because of its heavy outer soles. The best outdoor basketball shoes are designed with heavier out sole to withstand the hard concrete surface of the outdoor basketball court. You can’t hoop and enjoy playing outdoor basketball with the shoes designed specifically for indoor basketball. It may wear out after single use when you hoop-it up on the concrete surface outdoor.

What Makes The Outdoor Basketball Shoes Best for Outdoor Basketball?

To make the outdoor basketball shoes durable for the rough surface outside, heavier outsoles are included. Due to the heavy outsole, they are quite heavy compared to its indoor counterparts. They comprises of solid and thick rubber outer soles. The outsole of these shoes sport traction patterns and deep grooves which can easily withstand the wear and tear of basketball court action on hard surface.

Another interesting thing about the best outdoor basketball shoes is that it comes with mesh panels and other types of breathable upper soles. This type of material is quite comfortable as it stimulates air circulation to keep the feet cool and comfortable. To increase the comfort level of your feet they are designed with cushioned midsoles. Most of the branded shoe makers integrate highly cushioned midsoles to keep the feet comfortable while hooping and playing basketball on rough surface of outdoor basketball court. To prevent the rolling of your ankles, these shoes also feature high-length collars. You may also choose the high-top or mid top shoes to prevent the rolling of your ankles while playing basketball.

9 Tips On How to Grow a Full Beard Like A Man

For every man beard symbolizes masculinity, those who have capably developed a full grown moustache or beard would fine themselves greatly admired in peer group also by ladies. Maybe that is why men are so much interested in growing their beard and today how to grow a full beard is one of the popular search terms of on Google. So here are some useful tips following which growing beard turns out easier and that is too naturally.

  • Exfoliation: Really exfoliation of skin is much needed. This really helps in removing the dead cells, it also fuels the hair growth. So those who are into exfoliating skin would be having faster beard growth.
  • Washing face: the moment you will be washing face with warm water using mild cleanser, facial hair growth accelerates.
  • Using herbs: among varying herbs Eucalyptus is known to hasten beard growth, one needs to take Eucalyptus as prime ingredient and massage all over the face it helps in growing beard faster.
  • Repairing skin: you need to ensure that while sleeping you are using something to repair your skin to promote beard growth, there are number of serums and creams available for repairing damaged skin there are number of vitamins and minerals which help in speeding up the beard growing process.
  • No ingrown hair: if your face is having lots of ingrown hair, you need to keep tab. You need to depend upon some home remedies which help in hindering the ingrowths.
  • Biotin: it is said that talking 2.5 mg of biotin helps in growing beard faster.
  • Stay relaxed: the moment you are staying relaxed, you will find beard is coming up more quickly when you are having no stress and there are number of beauty and health experts who believe that stress is one of the reasons that prevent beard growth. Yoga and meditation helps in experiencing better result.
  • Increasing Protein: it is better to increase the amount of protein like meat, eggs and fish. They help in growing hair quickly.
  • No snapping or trimming: it is better to stay away from frequent trimming and shaping, when it is completely grown, then the beard should be trimmed.
  • Itching should be prevented: while experiencing rashes and itching, it is better to make use of hydrocortisone for face.

Why Buying The Best Gaming Desk is A Wonderful Investment

best gaming desk

Buying The best gaming desk Is a must

  • Without the best gaming desk, gaming excitement and pleasure hardly reaches climax, even when the gamer is having Microsoft XBOX 360, Nintendo Wii or Sony PlayStation 3. Even the old Personal Desktop is incomplete without a desk.
  • When the gaming platform is not comfortable enough avid gamers may feel interrupted from time to time while staying awake all night and playing though Grand Theft Auto or Metal Gear Solid 4.
  • Now the computer desk is meant to provide gamers some relaxation as they play for hours consistently, so the desks are prepared for gaming consoles also for the desktop computers with exclusive gaming orientation.
  • The desk literally prevents the gamers from receiving any injury or developing any complications issued out of consistent game playing.
  • While talking about injuries there is carpal tunnel syndrome that develops in those gamers who are bent on using a non-ergonomic mouse.

Why desks are so much important for a gamer

  • Apart from preventing injuries and varying medical complications gaming desk permits gamers to arrange all the gaming accessories right at one place.
  • For every gamer, this is really very much important an aspect.
  • It happens with gamers quite frequently that they often lose the mouse while lunching an important raid or killing enemy in a Zombie match.
  • Gaming enthusiasts who are bent on playing games are seen to increase in productivity while playing games with desk.
  • Desk comes with multitasking abilities, as the new age desks are designed in such manner gamers do not have to go out for food or drinks, they can keep on desks.
  • They may stay glued for hours and go on playing. With next to no difficulties it becomes easier for the gamer to become a prominent and active member of gamers world.

How gaming desks can be procured

  • Today number of online e-commerce sites is seen to be trading in desks.
  • There are number of ways to compare and purchase a desk even without living home.
  • According to need, demand and specification one can buy the best gaming desk, there are online catalog of items available, browsing which new types of desks can be explored.
  • There are stores like Amazon, or eBay where such desks are available in huge number.