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Casino vs Online Casino: What I learned

online casino

You know me, I love to try new things. I have been traveling a lot lately and as you probably already know, I stopped in Indonesia for over a month. I simply loved the country. The people over there is great, the food is awesome and the weather is, well, you probably already know it, sunny!

I won’t lie, I’m a betting man. I love casinos, I love to gamble. I’m in love with the rush you get when you hit the machines, win a blackjack hand or hit your number at the roulette table. Every time I visit a new country, I love to see how they built their casino and the “vibe” that you feel from these places. The first casino I tried is the Villa Yasmine by Nakula Management, which is a hotel & casino. To be honest, the hotel was fantastic, but I wasn’t really fond of the casino itself. I felt it was lacking an ambiance and, I don’t know, it just didn’t feel right.

I met a French guy at a table named Jean-Guy. We talked a bit and we both came to the same conclusion; It wasn’t what we expected. He told me it was it last night over there and that one of the dealers at a table told him that he would have much more fun if he played off via one of the best rated online casino in the world named Motobola (Here’s a live link if you guys want to check it out:

After a couple of drinks, I decided to sign up. First, I can’t stress how important a first deposit bonus is. They got to find a way to get new clients, right? Well, that’s a very good one. I first deposited $500 and got a nice bonus attached to it. As you may already know, I’m more of a slot machine guy than a blackjack or roulette guy, so I went straight to the machines. How did you think it went? not very well (at least at first). I lost my bonus along with $200 in the first hour. It probably is my own fault as I tilted after 20 minutes and started to play aggressively and taking risks. Let me tell you something, you can’t do that when you’re gambling. So, I took a two hours break. I went to a nice restaurant and got a glass of wine and I was able to relax and watch the beautiful view. I can’t stress how much it helped.

I went back to my room, opened my laptop went to work. I won back my $200 within 10 minutes and about two hours later, I was up $700. I moved some of my money from the casino to the sportsbook where I placed a couple of bets on soccer and basketball games. I lost all I transferred but you know what? It doesn’t matter, I had fun and I guess it’s part of the game. I closed everything with a nice profit of $300 today. It’ll pay for my hotel for a couple days and I get to play again tomorrow. Hopefully, I will be able to cash in another profit day and enjoy the sun again!

The Benefits of Waterproofing Concrete in Flood Prone Areas

Waterproofing basement in Toronto

Are you in an area of Toronto that you find to be a risk for flooding? Maybe you’ve had problems with your basement in the past and are fed up with the costs that you’re receiving in order to replace items or materials in your basement or foundation. In this article, we’ll discuss the general benefits of Toronto basement waterproofing companies for those that are almost ready to take the plunge financially.

The Dangers of Water Meeting Concrete

Up front, we’ll let you know this important piece of information: water is capable of breaking down concrete, and it’s inevitable if not taken care of. Water encourages weakness in the concrete, and sometimes, it can destroy said concrete rather quickly. Walls that tend to be load-bearing are more susceptible to danger if water begins breaking them down. Once the concrete is weakened, your entire house could crumble.

The Advantages of Waterproofing Your Foundation

Let’s get to the meat of this article: the benefits of waterproofing your foundation. If the above mentioned wasn’t enough for you to call your local contractor, hopefully these benefits will encourage you to.

  • The prevention of mold and mildew from spreading to your floors and your walls: it’s worth noting that the longer mold builds up, the more susceptible it is to become dangerous toxic black mold. When this is running amuck in your home, you run the risk of respiratory issues. Those that are younger or those that are elderly will most definitely acquire a sickness when this isn’t removed.
  • A definite reduction in maintenance costs and the potential clean-up: Those that are in flood-prone areas know the costs of a rain storm coming their way. Every time, there’s something little you have to spend money on to fix, and when you waterproof your foundation, you won’t have to worry about that anymore. The only costs you’ll be spending is on slight maintenance every so often; like check-ups at the doctors. Waterproofing your foundation ensures that your area will be clean after a flood, and there’s minimal you have to worry about; if anything at all.
  • Ready to sell? Waterproofing increases value: Those that are searching for a home in the dream area will want something that comes with all of the perks – even if it comes at a little higher price. When you waterproof your foundation, you immediately increase the value; especially in flood-prone neighborhoods.

Steps to Take Before Waterproofing Your Foundation

Before you take the plunge and contact a contract, you’ll want to do the following before waterproofing:

Make sure the area in question is dry and pretty clean. You’ll want to take a type of scraper and remove any type of paint that’s peeling, floor coverings, etc. Then you’ll want to get as much dirt off as possible. Sometimes, a warm water and soapy composition will allow you to get most of the dirt off from the walls. It’s worth noting that a professional can do this for you before starting the waterproofing process.

If you don’t want to do this next step, you can call someone to help, but you’ll be able to do this yourself for those DIY lovers: patch the holes in the area using a type of expanding concrete mixture. You’ll want to let this sit for 24 hours before doing anything.

The Final Verdict

At the end of the day, if most of your walls or structures in your home are load-bearing, and you find that you’re in a more flood prone area, you shouldn’t wait a minute more to receive Toronto foundation waterproofing. If you don’t, you run the risk of compromising your home’s structural integrity. Make sure to look for the warning signs of damage on concrete surfaces, as this most definitely signifies an underlying issue that could compromise the strength of your structure.