4 Reasons Why You Should Play Strategy Board Games Every Week!

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Strategy board games remind me of analog games going all the way back to the ancient Mesopotamia or the classical Greece. Whether a soldier or a member of the royal court, board games were there to help men spend their evenings since the start of civilization. I’m always angry at how video games on our televisions have come to dominate our evening sessions. One of my cousin likes to pull a chess board though and urges me to play before supper is ready.

“Your chess board accumulates dust while you are away. Playing it is an advisable move to keeping your mind active and healthy.” He says as he tries to pull two chairs – getting ready for the game. To add on the compliment, I purchased the Terra Mystica as a substitute when chess became obvious and annoying. That’s when I realized that strategy board games offer more than just entertainment. The impact on you, your family and friends is quite significant but often ignored. If this just hit the breaking news headline, follow to catch on 4 reasons why playing strategy board games is more of a benefit than time wastage.

Having fun with a good sense of flow

I don’t know how you will view this, but one of the side effects of playing board games is laughing. Ever heard of endorphins? They are the chemicals ignited when you are happy. Sharing a light moment while on the board makes us get into each other’s feelings and there is more trust gained in the process.

Strategy keeps us on toes though a game like chess can be somehow grounding since it’s entirely based on skill. There is no real life chaos here, and the game rules are set and well known. Everything always seems in control except what my opponents are planning. Losing myself in the game gives me a welcome feeling reprieving me from day to day stress.

In addition to a calming and grounding effect of the game, there is the facilitation of a ‘good flow’ – the level of your skills going hand in hand with the progressing activity.

It is important for the kids and family

Everyone is at home, but no one is settled. I also experience the frenzy whenever every member of the house is representing. It is always a daunting task to get everyone in order since everyone is up to something. However, playing strategy board games with my siblings makes it a perfect time to stay together and build some learning skills in the process. After dinner, playing the analog way get everyone closer which serves as a way of strengthening a family bond.

The best part comes in when the board sharpens my kids’ brains. Even simple games that are chance-based with no skill to count on can teach children some significant aspects. They may include patterns, sequencing and color identification. Young ones also have a chance to know the importance of following directions and socializing. According to findings of a recent study, learners who played checkers had a larger ability to solve problems, resolve conflicts and also be able to communicate.

Health benefits

Yes! Good strategy board games can doctor a player to a position where some of the body complications will only go away. The health advantages include:

  • Mental diseases reduction: It is a primary benefit which reduces the cognitive decline threat. No one wants something that is associated with Alzheimer or dementia. Keeping your mind on the board radar means more mind exercise hence the chance to build it stronger.
  • Lowering blood pressure: There is laughter on the game meaning more endorphins. It helps lower blood pressure or maintains it at the appropriate level. Your muscles relax implying that your blood has more freedom to circulate. High blood pressure has its hazards which may involve heart-related complications and stroke.
  • No more stress: The board game distraction provides sufficient time to sit down and relax. Most of the players will play games as a way to kick back and relieve the stress.
  • Boosting your immune: Stress, depression, and feeling worked out can trigger loss of body’s ability to fight diseases. Positivity and laughter that comes with strategy board games reduce such effects by making the body to produce chemicals that will chase the stress away. In simple terms, playing board games is a way to activate ‘survival genes’ in your brain.

Building yourself for real life tackles

  • Gaining your memory and cognitive skills: Kids benefit a lot from playing board games since they have a chance to practice vital cognitive skills such as problem-solving for example. The hippocampus and prefrontal cortex are some of the brain areas that benefit since they function when complex thinking is involved and also memorizing. It is a good way to build cognitive associations as age advances.
  • Speeding up responses: Getting myself to play Terra Mystica solved some of the things that were hard to contemplate at first. It is true that having a board game every week makes you have better chances of finding a lost file without having to turn everything upside down.

So, what are you waiting for? Strategy board games are offering more benefits than destruction. I think we all now have a reason to play Terra Mystica every Saturday evening.